Genre Book Reviews is a podcast and book review site owned by Lynn Swayze.

I purchased this domain back in 2012 as a free book review site. It languished in my hosting service for a few years as I figured out other things in my life, such as my copywriting career.  I knew I wanted to be able to provide quality content and highlight really amazing independent authors, and I couldn’t do that on the “churn out as many book reviews as possible” model.

In 2016, I had the idea of turning Genre Book Reviews into a podcast. I love podcasts and I felt that this was a better medium for the author interviews I really wanted to be able to  share with the world. With that idea, I rebranded and relaunched the Genre Book Reviews domain and site.

My aim is to connect with some of my favorite independent authors and provide them a platform for their stories.

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With much Love,

Lynn Swayze




How can I listen to/subscribe to the podcast?

Links coming soon.

How can I be featured on the podcast?

Please contact me and we’ll see if we’re both a good fit.

I’m interested in advertising on the podcast/blog. How do I contact you?

I welcome advertising, however I am selective about the services I’ll allow on my site. Please fill out the contact form and we’ll start a conversation about it.

Can I submit a guest post/guest review?

You sure can! Contact me and we’ll discuss the submission process.